“We met Kim and John last fall at

Camp Korey where they were having

an incredible petting zoo. The zoo

was mobbed with kids and grownups but Kim and John did a fantastic job 

of making sure everyone got to hold animals and learn about them. We 

plan to hire Animal Encounters for

our daughter’s 7th birthday this summer.”


Catherine, Redmond



“We want to thank you again for

sharing your wonderful animals with

all of us.  It was the best birthday

party I think any of us had ever been

to. Mariah loved it!!!!! You taught us

how to love and respect the animals

and their individual uniquenesses.  Maybe we all need to know that. 

God bless you and your "Animal 

Encounters". We'd love to have you again next year.”


Barbara, Edmonds


“Just wanted to say thank you again

for the lovely birthday party for Mojo.  She had a great time, as did all of

the other kids (especially my little 

one!). You guys were great with the kids, the animals were

amazingly docile and perfect for the age group, and the set-up/take down process was super smooth. I loved 

not having to worry about anything!”


Lauren, Seattle



“We booked our son's 8th birthday

party with Animal Encounters.  It was

our own personal petting zoo!  Not

only did the kids get hands on time

with all the animals, but they also 

were given an educational talk about all the animals. The kids learned so much!

Kim and John were easy and enjoyable to work with. They provided everything for the animals, including set-up and

clean up afterwards. I'd definitely 

recommend Animal Encounters to everyone.”


Charlene, Carnation



“Thanks for the wonderful petting

zoo you provided for John Muir

Elementary's fall festival! I loved

your petting zoo and hope that we

can work together in the future. It

was such a great experience for

our students to get up close and

personal with your animals.”


Susan, Redmond



“Absolutely LOVE you guys!

Reighlee had so much fun for her birthday and she is still talking

about it to this day weeks later.”


Tracy, Arlington



“Animal Encounters turned out marvelously!  John and Rowan did

a terrific job at setup/breakdown and handling the groups of girls in a very joyful and professional manner. The animals were adorable...Santa is

going to have interesting lists this Xmas!”


Janell, Bellevue



“Thank you so much for being a part

of the Block Party festivities this year.  We would love to touch base next

year and check your availability. It

was a GREAT addition to the event and everyone loved having you



 Tracey, North Bend




A great choice for events from birthday parties to festivals, block parties, customer appreciation days, church events, family reunions, and company picnics - you name it, we can do it! 

  • Great for large or small events

  • Fun for all ages

  • We bring the zoo to you!

ZOO FOR YOU can be set up indoors or out, day or evening, rain or shine. 

Got a yard, driveway or garage? Have a zoo!

A fresh take on the traditional petting zoo, we provide a minimum 180 square foot portable pen with barnyard favorites as well as exotics.  For smaller programs such as birthday parties we’ll typically bring 20 animals, including wallaby, sheep, Patagonian mara, mini pig, African pygmy goats, rabbits and bantam chickens. Two or more handlers will work with your guests to help ensure everyone has a great time and provide age-appropriate information about the animals. We provide touch tables for our rabbits and chickens at child height for easy petting

Larger events follow the same format, except with more animals and pen sizes up to 1800 square feet.

To prevent food aggression, we don't provide the green pellets you'll see for sale in other petting zoos. You won't see our animals chasing children, or vice versa- we want the kids and animals to have a fun, safe, non-threatening experience.

Programs range from one hour to all day. Canopies and lighting are provided at no extra charge as needed. For outdoor events, we require at least 200 square feet of level, mowed lawn space or flat, swept pavement- typically we set up a 15'X20' pen for small events but can configure as needed. When setting up on pavement, we use wood shavings as an absorbent, and leave the site “broom clean” when done. We can set up on virtually any level space, including garages, gyms, offices, parking lots, hotels, libraries and more. 


1 Hour ZOO

$395 Small Event- up to 30 participants

$595 Medium Event- up to 60 participants

2 Hour ZOO

$595 Small Event- up to 60 participants

$795 Medium Event- up to 100 participants



*Travel distance is calculated using Google Maps and is based on a round trip from south Issaquah, WA (Zip 98027). 

Festivals, company picnics, college visits and other larger-scale events will be priced based on expected attendance and other factors. Our petting zoo is available in many other formats for events to 10,000+ guests.  

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance is due upon completion of the program.


When you book with us, we'll discuss the particulars of your location and let you know what, if any, accommodations we may need. Depending on the location, setup and cleanup typically take 45 minutes to an hour each. We provide hand sanitizer stations and request all participants wash or sanitize hands before and after handling animals for the health and safety of our animals and your humans. 

For everyone's health and safety, guests displaying obvious signs of illness (runny nose, cough, sneezing, etc.) may need to”sit out” our portion of your event- entirely at the discretion of our presenter(s). We believe sick children (and adults) belong at home recuperating and not at public events where others (friends, classmates, etc.) would be needlessly exposed and hope you agree.

Any person who intentionally taunts or abuses an animal and continues to do so after being corrected will need to be removed from the presentation - this is extremely rare but important for the welfare of our animals and the enjoyment of all participants.

Please keep dogs or other pets away from the petting zoo.  Barking dogs can frighten the animals!

We reserve the right to make "day of event" decisions regarding the animals we bring- once in a while we determine that an animal is not up for handling on a particular day.